Endzeit - Geburtswehen eines neuen Zeitalters

End Times

Birth Pains of the Golden Age

Peter I

Licensed edition by  Akasha Verlag

ISBN 3-934402-45-3
ISBN-13: 978-3934402454

2020, Hardcover
544 pages, 49 illustrations.
Price: € 43,00 (D), € 44,80 (A), CHF 52,00 (CH)
(inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versand)

Set in a plot that matches the topic, this novel provides deep and new insights into the structure and function of our world - physically and metaphysically. It explains the universal laws of creation and their concrete meaning in the natural sciences and also for the development of each individual human being. In this way it provides orientation about the meaning of life and also about what happens after physical death.
At the same time, the book explains in an easily comprehensible way the background of world events that have led to the current global situation, deals with various so-called conspiracy theories and places all this in a larger comprehensive context that goes far beyond the political and in particular also includes the spiritual dimension and the statements of the religions.
In the end, this results in a concrete outlook on possible further developments and a clear understanding of the role of each individual and their possibilities.
The author - a man of action and truthfulness - shows every reader - whether believer or atheist, natural scientist or seeker of truth - a way to liberation from the Dark Age and thus provides easily comprehensible help and orientation in the present end-time situation, so that everyone will take courage not only to passively endure the global developments, but to actively participate in the creation of the Golden Age.



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