Menschensohn - Autobiografische Einblicke

Son of Man - Autobiographical Insights

Learning Years are not Master Years - 2000 - 2007

Peter I

Licensed edition by Akasha-Verlag

ISBN 3-934402-46-1
ISBN-13: 978-3934402461

2022, Hardcover
727 pages.
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The present collection of autobiographical insights contains the experiences of seven years of intensive training, in which the cosmic relationships of creation could be experienced very concretely in life. During direct interaction with ethereal beings, the life of the participants was at stake more than once.
It was exactly these extreme situations, however, which offered the best chances for character development and maturity and opened the doors for deep self-knowledge and inner strength.
These autobiographical experiences reveal occult knowledge, bear witness to love and responsibility for oneself and others and enable the reader to gain profound insights into the visible and invisible world in which we all live.